Venture Wipes Review

No shower? No problem.

Venture Wipes are one square foot of cleaning magic for your long adventures.Kevan Ray

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I am a seriously nasty, sweaty, and stinky dude. When it came time to pack for the trip to Portsmouth (part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks barrier islands) and I knew it was going to be several days before I would see a shower again, I had to get something to clean up with. The traditional “spit-bath” with baby wipes works well enough, but I hate using so many wipes and anyone who can smell you knows exactly what’s up.

So I decided to go look for another option. Turns out when you search for portable shower wipes, there are tons of products available. After some browsing, I decided to buy a bag of Venture Wipes, and after Portsmouth I plan on buying a lot more.

First off, they’re pretty affordable. I paid $13 on Amazon for a pack of 10. And while 10 wipes doesn’t sound like much, these are much more than simple baby wipes. These things are huge, a full square foot of material that is textured on one side for scrubbing and smooth on the other side for wiping down. Even with the dirt and sand of Portsmouth, one wipe was enough to get properly cleaned up at the end of the day.

Individually wrapped for convenience, these wipes keep you cleaner and are easier to use than the three seashells.Kevan Ray

They are also designed specifically to be gentle on you and the environment. They’re biodegradable, alcohol-free, and lack any fragrance that can disturb wildlife. That lack of fragrance also means you don’t smell like a baby at diaper change when you sit by your campmates for dinner.

Since each wipe is individually wrapped, it does mean more trash to clean up and pack out, but it also makes them easy to store and use on trips. It also means that you won’t accidentally let them all dry out because you didn’t get that stupid plastic lid closed all the way. If you are heading out for a multiday trip and want to keep marginally clean, the Venture Wipes do a remarkably good job. They won’t make you smell like a fresh bed of roses, but at least you won’t stink bad enough that the buzzards start circling overhead.