Kinetic Ropes Make Recovery Easy

Finally, a snatch-rope made for ATVs.

Yankum’s 1/2-inch kinetic recovery rope for ATVs.Yankum

Like flat tires and mile-wide smiles, getting stuck is part of riding. Most of the time, getting yourself free is as simple as spending some time with your winch. But what happens when there isn’t a suitable anchor nearby? Or, worse, when your buddy shows up and buries his rig to the frame? You know, the one who figured his winch money was better spent on a cooler? That’s when it’s time to bust out the recovery gear.

We’ve been using snatch straps in our four-wheel-drive trucks and Jeeps for years. Unlike a standard recovery strap, these things stretch, storing a bunch of kinetic energy that then gradually pulls the stuck vehicle out of its predicament rather than yanking hard. It saves both vehicles a ton of abuse, and keeps you from giving your buddy whiplash. Now, Yankum Ropes is bringing that joy to ATVs with a new kinetic rope designed specifically for vehicles that are up to 1,200 pounds. The half-inch kinetic rope is double-braided nylon with a special UV coating to keep it from breaking down in sunlight. It also has a 7,000-pound minimum breaking load, and it comes in its own protective pouch. At $86.99, it’s cheap insurance. Throw one in your rig and be ready next time Cooler Charlie goes full send.

Head over to Yankum for more information. If you like what you see, the company makes different size ropes for different occasions, all the way up to 97,500-pound static weights.