Fifth Annual 250R Legends Tour Sees Attendance Grow

180 Honda 250R three- and four-wheelers take over Little Sahara dunes in Oklahoma.

180 Honda 250R three- and four-wheelers took over Oklahoma’s Little Sahara Sand Dunes.Evan Malloy

The fifth annual 250R Legends Tour just wrapped up at Oklahoma’s Little Sahara sand dunes, and we’re ashamed to say that we missed it. The event began in 2017 with the owners of 30-something Honda three- and four-wheeled 250Rs taking to the sand. Fast-forward to 2021 and the event has grown to 180 sand slingers. The event is sponsored by BHP Racing, RTC Racing Products, ISF Racing, and Dave Moore Racing.

It has been almost 33 years since the last Honda 250R was produced, but the machines remain as popular as ever.Evan Malloy

If you’re interested in attending the 250R Legends Tour in 2022, become a member of the group’s Facebook page here. You’ll find plenty of information from a very welcoming group of people, as well as tons of photos and videos from the 2021 event. The 250R riders who attend the tour come from all over the country to ride the dunes together on these legendary machines from the ‘80s. It just adds more proof that Honda needs to bring back the 250R, arguably the best sport quad ever made. One of the 250R Legends Tour organizers, Gavin Miller tells us they hope to have more than 200 owners of 250Rs join them for the event in 2022. Let’s make it happen! We’ll see you at the 250R Legends Tour next year.