We're hoping to gather up these machines to do a proper Shootout, but for now we'll have to dream about it. Which high performance ATV would win our Ultimate ATV Shootout?

Honda TRX250R

Honda's TRX250R is one of the best selling sport quads of all time while only being produced from 1986-1989. If it was offered today with zero updates, we are confident Honda would sell as many as they could make. Its lightweight package and two stroke power made it great in the dunes and on any track. There are ton still out on the trails today running strong. If Honda would have updated the 450R in the last decade we might choose it as our favorite sport quad.ATV Rider

Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450

When the modern QuadRacer was launched in 2006 it took guts. It was the first race-ready ATV you could buy from a major manufacturer. It came with a 49-inch wide stance, aggressive steering, low profile tires and adjustable shocks. All you had to do was wire in an ignition tether and bolt on a set of nerf bars and you were ready to race. The Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450 dominated the MX tracks between 2008 and 2010. It was equally as dominate in the woods with Chris Borich at the controls from 2009-2014.ATV Rider

Kawasaki KFX700

In a time when the only automatic machines available were utilities, Kawasaki went outside the box and unveiled the V-Force KFX700. It was a big, powerful machine that was super easy to ride and had gobs of power. Its a 2WD machine that is a blast shredding the dunes or racing across flat ground.ATV Rider

Polaris Scrambler 1000

Polaris tried their hand at building a sport ATV, but that didn't last long. That's okay, because the Sportsman 4X4 chassis with slimmed down body work on what is called the Scrambler is a blast to ride in any terrain. For sport riding, it's our favorite machine from Polaris.ATV Rider

Yamaha YFZ450R

Yamaha sent shockwaves through the industry when they introduced their first liquid cooled, 450cc sport quad. Cannondale had one first, but it didn't stick around long. After 5 years, Yamaha improved the power-plant and stuck it into an all-new, wider chassis featuring an aluminum frame. This design is still sold today with some great updates. The YFZ450R is dominating the XC and MX races all over the country and is still a ton of fun out on the trails. It's the only pure sport machine on our list that you can still buy new today.ATV Rider

KTM 525 XC

The short lived KTM 525 XC was a monster. It had race level shocks, strong aftermarket tires and perfect steering geometry. Even today, the KTM would be a direct competitor with the Yamaha Raptor. The KTM 525 XC excels at anything from tight woods to open desert.ATV Rider

Can-Am Renegade 1000R

For a true do anything quad, you have to have a sport 4X4. The Can-Am Renegade is just that. Its a powerful machine with rock skipping ground clearance, power steering and high and low range. At start up, the engine rumbles to life and just begs to be pushed to max throttle and when you do it does not disappoint.ATV Rider