What Do You Think of This Bumper for the Can-Am Outlander?

The Rancher bumper has divisive looks because it’s built to divide cattle.

Can-Am’s Rancher bumper may be long in the tooth, but it has a purpose.Can-Am

Styling and design are generally accepted as subjective. And yet, some things land as more divisive than others, like the Rancher front bumper that Can-Am sells for its Outlander ATVs. The bumper is brutish and bulky, but also styled in a way that has us wondering if beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

We also can’t help but wonder why Can-Am has named the bumper what it did, though. Remember that there’s already a Honda ATV model bearing the Rancher name; Can-Am must have overlooked this, even if it is the descriptor and purpose for which they expect buyers to opt for the bumper. Can-Am’s site states, “The low front end protection and plates allow you to use your ATV within cattle herds and guard the safety of both the vehicle and the animals. The flat front portion facilitates gently prodding cattle or pushing light objects, e.g., closing a fence. The full front coverage extends to provide an extra layer of defense to your headlights and radiator.” Luckily it’s not painfully expensive, costing just $326.39 to alter the front end of your G2 or G2L Outlander, for better or worse.

Yours truly can’t get on board with the looks, even if it is likely well suited to its intended task. Meanwhile, ATV Rider’s Jeff Henson, who owns a small herd of horses, commented that the bumper is seemingly “built for playing Bumper Cows.” What are your thoughts?

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