Flashback to the 1980s With Kawasaki

This Kawasaki 3-Wheelin’ video from 1984 is pure gold.

The year was 1984. The top-selling automobile in the United States was the Chevy Cavalier, Van Halen was on an accelerated course toward destruction and resurrection, and the TV show CHiPs had just completed its seven-year primetime run. It was a great time to be a teenager—made even more exciting if mom and dad let you have a three-wheeler.

This 1984 Kawasaki promotional video probably looped on VHS tapes inside powersports dealerships across the country. It’s titled Kawasaki 3-wheelin’ and it covers Kawasaki’s entire three-wheeler lineup from the Kawasaki KLT110 to the new two-stroke Kawasaki Tecate KXT250. The latter is arguably the fastest stock three-wheeler ever made. Much of the video appears to have been shot around the Ocotillo Wells OHV area in Southern California. The music. The riding gear. There’s so much going on here that’s so indicative of the 1980s. It all makes for a fun and humorous look back in time.

This 1986 Kawasaki Tecate 3 has never seen dirt.Jeff Henson

Speaking of flashbacks, on a recent trip to Kawasaki headquarters in Southern California, I got an unexpected surprise. I was there to pick up a Brute Force press ATV when something amazing caught my eye. On the main lobby floor, Kawsaki has a 1986 Tecate 250 three-wheeler that appeared to be 35 years new. It has never seen dirt and remains completely unmolested. We know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, it is not for sale, but enjoy the pictures

This 1986 Kawasaki Tecate 3 engine is more than 35 years new.Jeff Henson