Video: Sport 4x4 ATV Competition Takes an Extreme Turn

Romanian ATV “hard trial” course is as tough as it gets.

Southeastern Europe has embraced sport 4x4 ATV competition with its “Hard Trial” events.ATV Adventure Vlog

It was just recently that we brought you a video of Hard Enduro Ice Racing in Estonia, from our friend Vallo Järv. Now, one of our favorite YouTube channels—ATV Adventure Vlog—has uploaded what it calls a “Hard Trial” competition that recently took place in neighboring Romania. To define this event as “hard” is an extreme understatement.

These events appear to be very popular with fans and riders of the sport 4x4 ATV segment. The ultrawide Polaris Scrambler S models and Can-Am Renegades appear to be the preferred mounts, though one competitor on a CFMoto CForce 1000 Overland ATV manages to complete the course.

A competitor pilots a Can-Am Renegade over one of several rock piles.ATV Adventure Vlog

Much like a traditional motorcycle trials competition, competitors are forced to stay within a narrow path that forces them over logs and stacked rocks, tire hills, through ditches and water crossings, and over everything else. The course also includes many off-camber sections that require some momentum and luck to navigate. The riders are penalized if they drift outside the course, which is lined with stakes and caution tape. Additional penalties include stepping off of the ATV or requesting outside help to get over an obstacle.

The ATV Hard Trial is an extreme test of rider skill, and favors high ground clearance and plenty of wheel travel. This type of ATV competition had been attempted in the US in the past at a few indoor EnduroCross events, and some of you might remember the WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour. As we continue to see more effort being put into the manufacturing of today’s sport 4x4 ATVs, we think it’s only a matter of time before extreme 4x4 ATV competitions see a return to North America.

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