Video: Ketchikan AdventureVue Alaskan Off-Road Tour

Let ATV Rider contributor Seth Fargher take you for a ride into the Alaskan wilderness.

Ketchikan AdventureVue provides four-hour off-road tours of Alaska that include transportation and lunch for under $250 per person.Seth Fargher

ATV Rider contributor Seth Fargher just returned from an Alaskan vacation that included salmon fishing and an off-road tour of the Alaskan wilderness with Ketchikan AdventureVue. Fortunately for the rest of us, Seth turned his getaway into a working vacation so he could bring us along for the ride. Make sure you also check out Seth’s “5-star” review of Ketchikan AdventureVue Alaskan off-road tours. These tours are conducted in a new fleet of Yamaha Wolverine UTVs for guests to drive, and the tour includes lunch and transportation for less than $250 per person.

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