Yamaha YFZ450R Gift Guide

A Yamaha YFZ450R owner’s gift guide

Long gone are the days of the 450cc-class, four-stroke sport quad wars that once raged between manufacturers. Nowadays, the lone manufacturer still producing this off-road staple is Yamaha. Fuel-injection, long-travel highly adjustable suspension, laser sharp handling, killer styling, and epic durability make this a great option for both woods and MX riding fans.

In addition to the great features of the YFZ450R, it’s also an excellent canvas to customize and build your dream machine. For current owners, there are tons of aftermarket accessories available to tailor every YFZ450R to each owner’s precise needs. Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself with a little gift, or you have a special YFZ450R owner in mind, we’ve got a list of great products that should be sure to put a smile on every faithful owners face!

[SPONSORED] GYTR Heavy-Duty Front Grab Bar | $166

Designed with the main purpose of protecting the shocks and radiator, this GYTR bumper also provides an excellent surface area to help grab and lift the machine in precarious situations. It’s constructed of 6063 and 5052 aluminum tubing and sheet, which makes it both light and durable.Yamaha

Hinson Billetproof Conventional Clutch Kit | $1,085

If a high-performance conventional-style clutch is on the wish list, there’s no better game in town than Hinson. The kit includes the basket, inner hub, pressure plate, plates, springs, and a slick-looking billet cover. Benefits of this aftermarket clutch are improved heat dissipation, increased performance, and a longer life.Hinson

Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 | $899

Rekluse’s high-performance clutch has a unique characteristic, providing the ability to stop the machine’s forward movement without pulling the clutch in. In technical terrain, this can deliver increased performance in the most demanding riding conditions. The kit contains all of the necessary components, including an amazing-looking billet cover to house all of the internals.Rekluse

Precision Steering Stabilizer And Mount | $499

If you’ve never ridden a YFZ450R (or any sport quad, for that matter) with a Precision stabilizer, you have no idea what you’ve been missing! Sport quads have never had the luxury of power steering. As such, even though the steering input is easy, impacting a rogue rock or root at high speed can lead to negative results. The Precision stabilizer does an amazing job of damping the impact of trail obstacles, providing increased safety and quicker lap times!Precision

Docooler Hour Meter | $13

Looking for a simple, inexpensive gift that is worth its weight in gold? An inexpensive hourmeter like the Docooler will help the owner track engine hours, which in turn determines when it’s time for the oil to be changed or the air filter to be replaced and/or serviced. Both tasks are inexpensive and easy for even a beginner to accomplish. But…without a way to track the last time either service is done, you could be making a very expensive mistake!Docooler