Take a Virtual Ride With a Pro ATV Racer

Our WORCS Round 1 highlight video includes GoPro hot laps.

We hooked up pro racer Kenny Sanford with front and rear view GoPro Hero 10s.Jeff Henson

We love ATV racing. The only thing better than capturing it on video is being out there banging wheels and dodging roost. We recently enlisted Mark Williams of Digital Dirt Media to help us create videos for ATV Rider, which will include a lot of racing. For Round 1 of the World Off Road Championship Series, Mark brought out the big cameras to capture the action. We also hooked up professional ATV racer Kenny Sanford with a pair of GoPro Hero10s on his helmet and rear grab bar. The result is this three-minute racer highlight reel of pro and amateur racing action. Video and photos rarely do justice to what a professional ATV racer sees in front of them, but it’s exciting to watch nonetheless.

Enjoy the view.

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