Watch This Modified Mini Jeep Try to Drive to Area 51

Ed March is back with his mini Jeep to try something dumb.

ATVs may be better than a mini Jeep at off-roading, but that doesn’t mean they’re all-conquering.Ed March

Last year we documented English YouTuber Ed March’s ridiculous quest to drive a Chinese mini Jeep he bought on Amazon from Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah. He eventually made it, though the effort nearly killed him. It appears his old shenanigans didn’t scratch the itch, and he’s back this year with a similarly silly plan, albeit in a much improved machine.

This Honda Rubicon gave its life for March’s goofy ambitions.Ed March

The idea this time is to drive the mini Jeep down the spine of the snow-covered Wasatch Mountains outside of Salt Lake, then down into the valley and west into Nevada to Area 51. To make the journey “easier,” March bought a Honda Rubicon ATV and, after much cutting, grafted its running gear to the Jeep.

The mini Jeep was taken down to the frame in preparation for the build.Ed March

That meant he had four-wheel drive, much more horsepower, and much bigger tires. The “engineering” this task took is something to behold. The good news for YouTube viewers is that it only sort of worked. Check out the chaos in the video to see it all go sideways.

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