Volterra Electric ATV Moves Closer to Production

Company signs agreement with distributors.

Volterra ATFe 110 SportVolterra

Volterra has announced that it’s closer to production on a line of electric powersports vehicles, and has signed distribution agreements with importers outside the U.S. Volterra isn’t saying exactly where our friends around the world can expect to see its products, but a wider distribution network means a larger market, which in turn gives Volterra a better chance of success.

The company plans to produce a wide range of electric powersports models, from dirt bikes to ATVs and side-by-sides. The first ATV, the ATFe 110 Sport, is aimed squarely at younger riders. With a maximum speed of 30 mph and a range of around 35 miles, it won’t win any performance shootouts. Still, Volterra promises we’ll see a full-size electric quad, the ATFe 500, in 2024.

Details are sparse on that model, but we do know it will boast swappable lithium-ion batteries and independent four-wheel-drive motors. That last bit is exciting because it means the ATF line will be able to execute zero-point turns, effectively spinning the machine in place. Sounds fun. For more information, check out the Volterra site.

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