Watch This Dude Snag a Sweet Honcho

Largely cited as the first four-wheel-drive ATV.

A chain-driven time capsule.YouTube

It’s easy to forget just how far quads have come in a short period of time. While we’ve grown accustomed to helpful hardware with big suspension, excellent four-wheel-drive systems, and locking differentials, there was a time when ATVs were little more than a lawn mower engine and a chain drive. Back in the early ‘80s, Honcho made waves by introducing the first commercially available four-wheel-drive ATV. The quirky machine used chain-driven axles front and rear, and, thanks to its massive tires, was capable of floating on open water. Let’s see your Sportsman do that.

YouTuber 2vintage braved the Wisconsin winter to snag an amazing Facebook Marketplace deal: a hyper-clean Honcho. His video takes us along as he checks the machine out and goes over exactly what makes it special. We’re amazed at how clean the old Honcho is, as most of these rigs got ridden into the earth. Check it out:

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