The Sokol Is a Massive Russian ATV

Flotation tires, 143 hp, and Suzuki axles. What’s not to love?

Is this the biggest ATV on Earth?

Our friends over at Dirt Wheels recently dug up something wild from Russia. Meet the Sokol ATV. Depending on trim, the machine makes between 110 and 143 hp from your choice of Toyota or Honda four-cylinder engine. The powerplant’s bolted to a regular automatic transmission, which shuffles power through a transfer case to Suzuki stick axles on basic models. The Pro version adds UAZ axles with power disc brakes, while Extreme trim gets independent suspension all the way around.

Regardless of trim, the Sokol rides on massive, ultra-low-pressure tires akin to what we’ve seen on the unstoppable Sherp, which should allow the ATV to float over even the boggiest of terrains. There’s no word on curb weight, but the Extreme trim rips along at up to 62 mph. That’s impressive for a machine that’s 5.6 feet tall and 7.5 feet wide.

Right now, the machines are built in Russia and sold in Europe starting at around $15,900. Go for glory with the Extreme, and you can expect to pay closer to $21,500 at current exchange rates. Despite their size, all Sokols are just two-seaters, so you’ll have to talk your buddies into getting rigs of their own if they want to follow you where you’re going. Head over to the site for more information.

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