“World’s Fastest Banshee” Goes Drag Racing

Jake Sherbrooke and his Yamaha Banshee go to war in Wisconsin.

Video doesn’t do this Banshee justice, and yet it’s still frighteningly fast.YouTube / Jake Sherbrooke

YouTuber Jake Sherbrooke has what he claims is the world’s fastest Yamaha Banshee, and his latest video puts that statement to the test. The ex-CBoysTV member recently took his monster 421cc twin two-stroke build to the GasLite Drags in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, where he and the ATV put their money where their collective mouth is. His latest video brings us along for this wild ride, and it’s laden with close calls, one-liners, a crash (someone buy this guy a parachute), and plenty of premixed race fuel RPM scream.

Jake seems like he’s having a great time as he documents his adventure for all to witness. How does the hugely modified two-stroke fare on the grass and dirt surface? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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