CFMoto Teases With New Futuristic ATV Video

The CForce X Concept debuted in a teaser video on YouTube.

CFMoto appears to be working on a high-tech ATV design, as seen in a video that the company recently dropped on YouTube.CFMoto / YouTube

A new CFMoto ATV is coming. The company recently teased the X Concept on its YouTube channel, and though the video lacks details, the machine we see looks extremely promising. The futuristic quad has piqued our interest and our attention, featuring a dramatic new look in what appears to be a fresh styling direction. The short video offers a glimpse of what we can expect from the brand’s ATVs in the future.

Teaser videos are usually light on information, and the X Concept’s 30-second reel is no exception. We can make out a few key things, though, like LED lighting aplenty at the front and rear of the machine. But the lighting excitement doesn’t end there: We spotted automotive-like animation done using the lights, which will presumably run when the ATV is started. We also caught a glimpse of Vulture tires wrapped around red beadlock wheels, plus a sportbike-like dual exhaust that’s mounted high and center at the rear of the ATV. Aluminum handlebars and A-arms will help keep weight down, which is good, since recent CFMoto machines have been quite hefty.

CFMoto appears to be going for weight savings with more alloy parts. Like the lower A-arms seen here.CFMoto / YouTube

Note that the machine seen here is a two-rider model, which may or may not have something to do with the incorporation of alternative fuels or clever tech that can more easily fit beneath the bodywork of a longer chassis. Is it possible this ATV will incorporate the artificial intelligence that CFMoto has been working on with Cerence? We’re not sure the fruits of the partnership’s labor have matured yet, but time will tell. Until then, check out the CFMoto CForce X Concept’s teaser below.

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