Video: Amateur Racing From WORCS Round 4

Watch it, gas your quad, and then go sign up for WORCS Round 5.

Dakota Hibler has moved up quickly through the amateur ranks as a force to be reckoned with. Round 4 was her second win in a row as she currently leads the championship points race in the Women’s A class.WORCS

Commercials are built on the premise that you wish you were doing or wish you had what’s in the commercial. What’s great about this amateur racing highlight reel MotoEffeX put together from WORCS Round 4 action last weekend is that you really will dream of doing the same thing, and you don’t have to buy anything but gas (which we know isn’t cheap, but have we mentioned the extra ethanol?).

The amateurs had it a little easier than the pros around the Honolulu Hills Raceway, naturally, getting to skip obstacles like the log section. Still, the choppy track, high banking, and constant big-air opportunities took their pound of flesh and electrolytes from young and old. Speaking of age, the racers in this video range from 6 years old to 60-plus. Their vehicles range from youth-sized 50cc quads to powerful 450s, 4x4s, and three-wheelers—there’s even a Banshee or two in the mix. Is it safe, you ask? Well, everyone is going the same direction, so there’s that. You should be out there too.

There was enough mud for riders to put on a second suit during the race. The best souvenirs are the ones you gotta throttle through and then get to take home with you. Check it all out below.

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